Since 1966, the common aim of the Gan Clan Singapore has been to continue the traditional Chinese culture and to build a value centred on benevolence and service to the clan.  This year, our Association has re-planned and adjusted to our development goals.  In addition to continuing to promote traditional Chinese cultural activities, we also continued to introduce innovations and added new elements to make the Association's activities more diversified, interesting and lively, in order to attract both young and old to join, get together to strengthen family ties and social cohesion.


The so-called It takes 10 years to cultivate a tree, but 100 years to cultivate a person, our Association has taken a new step to pass on and educate the next generation.  We have changed our Association's policy and adopted new technologies and social media to groom successors in a planned and step-by-step manner.  Letting talented and dedicated young people to join our Association, and by adding new activities, so as to attract more youngsters to join us, in order to continue the traditional Chinese cultural values, and become an active but without loss of cultural heritage of our Association.


Thanks to the generous donations of all clan members and enthusiasts since the development of our Association, we can continue to better this work of inheriting cultural values.  We urge you to join and work with us to shape a better society for the inheritance and leave a magnificent heirloom for our next generation.


Thank you for your support.

Gan Clan Singapore

Kindly download the donation form. Please email to [email protected] or mail it back to Gan Clan Secretariat

Gan Clan Singapore

18-20 Bukit Pasoh Road #03-01 Singapore 089832. 

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