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Gan Heritage Centre and Renovation

In 2013, Gan Clan will carry out the renovation works on 3rd and 4th floor, which includes external trimming and maintenance of the building, as to allow the historical building to withstand longer period and preserve for future Gan's generation. The building is an important space for members to get to know each other and intereact, and also to exchange and promote the family values that have been pass on for centuries. In addition, Gan Clan will also implement new interior design and decorating, to set up a new Gan Heritage Centre, with a strong cultural flavor and modern vibrant. The heritage centre 's will contains the Gan clanmens contribution in the local community of Singapore, and traditional culture and values, which includes Confucius, and his best disciple Yan Hui (孔颜文化). With the opening of Gan Heritage Centre, Gan Clan will play a new role in Singapore society, by presevering and promoting the heritage of Gan's history, and pass on  the important family values to the younger generation.

2013 Gan Heritage Centre and Renovation Donors List

Renovation and Lift Installation

For the convenience of the senior members, Gan Clan has decided to install a lift for the 4 storey building. Beside adding modern elements to the association, Gan Clan also embodies the virtues of respect for the senior members.

2006 Renovation and Lift Installation Donors List

Massive Renovation during 25th Anniversary

In line with the celebration of 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee establishment of Gan Clan, and the 1st World Gan Clan Conference in 1991, was the first fund-raising activities for Gan Clan Association. The fund raising goal is $400,000 and it is meant for repairing and upgrading the historical Gan Clan's building. As an appreciation, the association also gives a title of Honorary Life President to anyone who donated no less than  $10,000. 

1991 Massive Renovation Donors List 

World Gan Clan Culture and Education Fund 

The World Gan Clan Culture Education Fund was established on April 6, 1991, in the 1st World Gan Clan Conference. The Fund was contributed by Gan's Association from around the world. The fund is designed to be used for the development of Gan's culture, history, education and other projects to promote Gan's heritage. Unanimously passed on the conference, Gan Clan Association has been appointed to handle the fund.

1991 World Gan Clan Culture and Education Fund Donors List

Purchase of Gan Clan Building

Gan Yu Cheng(颜有政) initiated a fund raising in July 1966, aimed to purchase a permenant building for Gan Clan to held their activities and meetings. November 18 1967, on behalf of the Singapore Gan Clan Association, President Gan Yu Cheng, Gan Kee Cheow(颜其巢), Gan Hui Chong(颜辉宗), and Gan Boon Siang(颜文祥) went to Philippines for a goodwill visit, in order to connect with the local Gans clan. Gan Yu Cheng and others were welcomed with great hospitality from the Philippines Gans, especially Yan Qi Dang(颜期党). With rejoice and support, he generously donated $33,000 as the fund for purchasing of Gan Clan's building back in Singapore. The auditorium at level 3 now naming "Chun Chi Tang"(纯治堂), is to recognize his generosity by named after his mother's name. To engage more Gans to donate the building fund, Gan Yu Cheng also had generously donated $33,000. Therefore,  Gan Clan has also named the auditorium Yi Yun Ting(诒云厅), in order to commemorate his contribution. The "Yi Yun" is the name of Gan Yu Cheng's father. With these two huge sum, together with all other member's selfless dedication, the purchase of the club finally completed with the price of $ 135,000, for the building located at 18th and 20th, Bukit Pasoh Road.

1967 Purchase of Gan Clan Building Donors List

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