About GCS

Founded in 1966, Gan Clan Singapore (formerly known as The Gan Clan Association) is a non-profit organization with roots that dates back to the pre-war days of Singapore in 1926. Today, the growing association has about 700 members and is increasingly acknowledged by both local and overseas associations for its various achievements and breakthroughs.

3 Peaks of Excellence

As early as 1986, Gan Clan Singapore is the very first overseas Chinese group to establish a commemorative monument for their ancestors since the founding of the People's Republic of China, of which the process was filmed in a Japan movie Yellow Sea. They visited Qufu, the hometown of ancestor Yan Zi who is known as the best disciple of Confucius.

Stronger overseas relations were forged in 1991, when the association hosted the first World Gan Clan conference. The conference was attended by more than 300 delegates from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, United States, Canada and Malaysia. During the conference, apart from organizing academic forums and talks and forming the cyber center of the international Gan clan, the association has also established and raised S$200,000 for World Gan Clan Cultural and Educational Fund.

In 2013, the greatest highlight of Gan Clan Singapore is the unveiling of a strategic launch of Gan Heritage Centre. It is the first heritage centre in Singapore that narrates on both Confucius and his best disciple, Yan Zi, as well as the interesting stories of Gan community in historical context. It involves collaboration with National Heritage Board that aims to widely promote Chinese cultural awareness in a relevant and engaging way.

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