Application for Scholarship & Bursary

21 March 2023


Dear Member


Application for Scholarship & Bursary


We are pleased to announce that applications for the scholarship and bursary are now open. Should you be interested to apply for this for your children, please make use of the Application Form as attached. All applications, together with the required supporting documents are to be mailed and reach our Secretariat by 21 May 2023 (Sunday). We regret that applications received after this closing date will not be considered.


Please be informed that the presentation of Scholarship and Bursary will be scheduled in the second half of the year. All recipients will be notified by post.


Enclosed herewith copies of the application forms and the terms and conditions for your completion and return.


Any queries, please contact our Secretariat at Tel: 6223 0739 or email to [email protected]. 


Thank you.



With best wishes,


Education Committee of

Gan Clan Singapore

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Scholarship Application Form:

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