New Student Admission Ceremony

15 December 2021



Dear members



New Student Admission Ceremony


The Education Committee has introduced New Student Admission Ceremony programme. Together with their parents, we encourage children bearing surname “Gan” who are entering Primary One this year to work hard. The criteria of the New Student Admission Ceremony application are as follows:


1.    New student(s) has/have to bear “Gan” surname and be residing and schooling in Singapore.

2.    Applicant’s parents have to be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore. Application is opened to Members and Non-members.

3.    All interested applicants are requested to call 62230739 or email to Secretariat at [email protected] by 15 January 2022 to indicate their interest. All interested applicants have to provide name of applicant, school and address of child/children. Late application will not be entertained.  (Secretariat will send email confirmation to every successful applicant whose application request is sent via email; please call the Secretariat if no confirmation has been received).

4.    All applicants are requested to attend the New Student Admission Ceremony with their parents to receive their cash award ($80).  Absentees will be deemed to have waive their applications.



With best wishes,

Education Committee

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